Sunday, November 28, 2010

Debate a Bubble - Discover The Real Price of Champagne

Debate a Bubble - Discover The Real Price of Champagne

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Discover The Real Price of Champagne

Posted: 27 Nov 2010 11:29 AM PST

Have you ever wondered why there is such a difference in price between the most expensive champagnes like Cristal and Dom PĂ©rignon and the other champagnes that you can pick up for a tenth of the cost?

If you had the opportunity to taste and compare the expensive ones with the others, are you confident that you could tell the difference anyway?

When you read reviews by wine writers do you wonder what the difference really is between a champagne that is rated at 95 points and one that is rated at 85? Can you taste the difference?

Well they are all great questions and you're not the only person that asking them.

That's why I've devoted a whole chapter of my e-book The Insider's Guide to Champagne to this very topic and I'm excited to tell you that the e-book is now available as a paperback that you can carry around with you.

Yep, I got it published today - now that's worth a glass or two of champagne to celebrate don't you think?

Some more good news is that for a limited period I have reduced the price to only £9.97 in the U.K. and Europe and only $14.99 in the USA ( plus applicable postage and packing in both cases)

To grab a copy just follow these links



If you're dying to discover just how much a bottle of champagne really costs ( and you'll be amazed ) you won't be disappointed and you'll find there's so much more to learn too.

Here's what people have been saying about The Insider's Guide To Champagne


"I learned more about champagne from your book, The Insider's Guide To Champagne, than any other book, tasting or chateau visit I have had the pleasure of attending"

"Your book is MUST for anyone who wants to know about champagne"

"Your book is refreshingly informative and .. I would recommend it above Tom Stevenson"

"Your book is so informative and brilliantly written giving all the information in an exceptionally readable style which is so rare these days"

 So if you're a champagne lover then treat your self to a copy for Christmas and take advantage of the special price now. Get a copy for your champagne loving friends too.

Here are those links once again





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